A classical pianist as a child, then choir singer, then discovering rock music through guitar and also bass and drums, Patrick Braun has since become a very welcome comrade on many live stages. Especially when show, flash and style are in demand. Nowadays he can be seen mostly playing the bass or behind DJ decks, sometimes even simultaneously, as well as in the studio. Music all the way!

Vincent Bueno, Musical Rocks!, Oliver Wimmer, Audiodamn!, Luttenberger*Klug, Blues Bros. Corp., PBH-Club, Matatu, Matara, Missy May, Hell's Delivery Service, Katrin Lampe, Ramona Rotstich, Schmidhammer - Der wilde Gärtner, etc.
Peakshifter, Celine Roschek, Missy May goes Tecno, Threelax, HipHop/Soul/RnB: Soulicious, Sheyla J, Mary Broadcast Band, Tres Monos, Big John, Vincent Bueno – Suitcase, DJ Ol'Inclusive, etc.
Performances with: Roman Gregory, Zucchero, Aura Dione, Norbert Oberhauser, Toni Polster, Rebecca Bakken, Cedric Lee-Bradley, ...