Thomas "Hechi" Hechenberger, from Tirol, can be heard and seen picking and squazing guitar strings - next to being "on a mission from god" as a part of the Blues Bros. Corporation - at two hands full of acts, live and in studio: Christina Stürmer, Boris Bukowski, 5 in Love, Waldeck, Anik Kadinski, Horny Funk Brothers feat. Hubert Tubbs, Jackson Eleven feat. Eric Papilaya, Big John & The Vienna Soul Society, Betty Semper, Maalo, Willi Resetarits, Grooveheadz, Mat Bianco and Billy Gibson (guest appearances), Zeebee, Uwe Felchles Green Funk, Soulicious, at Erwin Kiennast's numerous "weird" projects, Favorhythm Gospel Singers, Coup de Bam, Aromabar, Lilli Castello, Caroline Vasicek, at Vienna's Burgtheater, Performing Arts, Uwe Kröger, Dorretta Carter, Andy Lee Lang, Mat Schu, Connect da Groove, Peter Madsen, Supertrash, as a studio guitarist on albums by Plexus Solaire and Felix Bandit, and on the album "Falcos 1." with Harri Stojka and Falco, Semino Rossi, Claudia Jung, Al Bano Carrisi, Andi Baum, Tini Kainrath, Stella Jones, Carl Avory, Rounder Girls, Fredie Bell, Hans Thessink, Big Jay Mc. Neely, Wolfgang Lindner and many more.

Hechi doesn't know musical boundaries; he just loves good music. Whenever he turns on his amp, he goes off like a rocket! :-)