The Viennese is what is typically called a "career changer". In addition to his other technical learned trade, he discovered his love for the arts early on. At ten years of age he had already started playing at the children's theatre. Also focused on music, he played bass and sang on both German and Austrian stages. In the end, he reached one of his career goals playing for Viennese rock band "FreiRaum5", which released the first album in 2008. Roberto found his biggest passion, however, in singing musicals. His private musical singing education brought him to many national and international singing and acting teachers and workshops, even in California. In Autumn 2005 he was involved in the Vikings musical "NORDWIND" as the male lead of Viking king Wulfgar, followed by many appearances at galas and musical show. 2007 was the year of his debut as "Rocky Horror Picture Show"'s Frank N. Furter and as "Elisabeth"'s Tod. He was involved in the Magna Racino-Show and had many guest appearances as a solo artist in 2008, followed by appearing in "Konferenz der Tiere" at Teatro im Musical and in "Sara, die kleine Prinzessin". His versatility is also reflected in his being part of the cabaret group "Lichtblitzer", since 2009, with which he toured twice. Next to several other on-stage appearances as a singer and dancer, he played Rooster in the Broadway Musical "ANNIE" in 2011.